And by “level”, we mean “elevation”…

Choose from climbs ranging between 1140m and 2157m, conquer category 1 climbs and catapult your power levels into the stratosphere.

Weekend Agenda

Friday 25 May 2018

9:00PM Camp  Briefing (Compulsory)

Saturday 26 May 2018

6:00AM Day 1 Push Off

3:30PM Recovery Swim

6:30PM Dinner

Sunday 27 May 2018

6:00AM Day 2 Push Off

12:30PM Lunch



As always your safety is our number one priority.

The nature of a bike camp is such that you may spend extended periods of time riding on your own. It is therefore critical that you carry:

  • a minimum of two inner tubes and 2-3 CO2 canisters … because you may need it
  • sufficient food and hydration for 6-8 hours of riding … because you will need it
  • a fully charged mobile phone with the SAG wagon, coach and ride leader’s numbers pre-programmed … for when it all goes wrong – or you need a pizza
  • bicycle lights front and rear (no lights = no ride) … because it is the rule
  • Warm layers … for when mother nature has other ideas
  • $50 in your pocket … to bribe a truckie for a lift


Ride Information


Today offers 2 course options:

Long: You are expected to complete the course by 14:00.

AM KV Bike Camp R1

Short: You are expected to complete the course by 14:00



Push Off at 6:00am

Today is a shorter day, offering 1 course option.  Ride through spectacular Berry and stop for a coffee at one of the amazing cafes.  You may even find time to grab a donut at the Donut shop.  Along the way you may encounter two Cat 2 climbs to finish off the weekend.

AM KV Bike Camp R3.jpeg

 Climb Ratings

So we have all heard of category 1 climbs; or even worse – we may have experienced a couple of those ourselves…  So what does Cat 1 means, what is the difference between a Cat 1 and a Cat 5, or an HC?  Our friends at Under Armour Map My Ride have provided us with this helpful little graph below.

Climb Categorisations

For more information or to apply:  Contact us on 0449626537 or email us at

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