yzoayndst3ynxyxinn9slw.jpgJoin our cycling groups at Sydney Olympic Park or Balmoral Beach.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are combinations of hill work and interval sets, making you stronger and faster.

Every second Saturday we have a long ride, with rides ranging from 80km upwards.  The long route will be published the Thursday preceding the ride.

For your and the group’s safety we have a couple of rules:

  • Front and back lights, irrespective of the conditions or time of day
  • Only registered Activate Multisport riders allowed in the group
  • We do not allow random riders to join the group during a ride (sorry if we are sounding rude)
  • Carry a phone, spares water and food as appropriate for the length and  difficulty of the ride
  • A rider punctures – we wait for them
  • Long rides are only open to members deemed sufficiently skilled


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