You have identified a big hairy audacious goal.  It is nasty and you have no idea how you are going to train for this one.

Maybe it is the Crocodile Trophy, Le’ Etape, a half or full ironman, marathon or the Six Foot Track. It could be representing your country at the the ITU world champs… it’s OK.  We have got you covered.

You are a legend in your own right but, you also have a life… A job that interferes with your lifestyle, a family deserves to spend time with you and the bank manager waiting for your mortgage payment…

This is where programming kicks in.  One on one time with your coach, assessing your training statistics, your life and your goals and developing a path to success for you.

To enable this program you will be required to record your training on a GPS enabled heart rate monitor and or power meter.

Training is delivered via Training Peaks, with weekly progression meetings.  Meetings may be in person (if Sydney CBD based) or via Skype, Facetime or email. Apart from face-time at scheduled Activate Multisport training sessions, you also have up to 6 phone calls per month to discuss your progression.

To optimise your training outcomes, you are required to follow the training program to the best of your ability.  You are also expected to upload training data at your earliest convenience to all coaching staff adequate time to assess and amend your program as required.


As always, a minimum safety distance of 500m freestyle (non-stop) applies to Sunday  and 1000m freestyle (non-stop) applies to Monday openwater sessions.

A minimum membership period of three months is required to join this program.

For more information contact us now.

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