XgduMqJQRjyzApu1FWz6mASo you’ve cut  your teeth, improved your fitness, you’ve got the gear and you are ready to take on the world.  Now is the time to correct technique, train strategically and develop a laser like focus on your #nextgoal.

It may be breaking into sprint or olympic triathlons, knocking over long rides, completing your first half marathon or becoming a regular on the Sydney Ocean Swim circuit.  Together we will work out how you can best use the Activate Multisport training schedule.  With a certified, cycling, running and triathlon coach onboard, we have you covered.

While not essential you are encouraged to invest in a GPS enabled heart rate monitor and or power meter to assist with tracking your progress, and you would have by now progressed to a drop-bar road bike (if you are a cyclist)

In a category of your own, you will be challenged during training and you will be discovering sources of strength you never knew you possessed.

Training is delivered via Training Peaks, with monthly progression meetings.  Meetings may be in person (if Sydney CBD based) or via Skype, Facetime or email. Apart from face-time at scheduled Activate Multisport training sessions, you also have up to 4 phone calls per month to discuss your progression.

This is where legends are made.


As always, a minimum safety distance of 500m freestyle (non-stop) applies to Sunday  and 1000m freestyle (non-stop) applies to Monday openwater sessions.

A minimum membership period of three months is required to join this program.

For more information contact us now.

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